Disclaimer: Information about the Whittier Narrows Dam Safety Modification Project is constantly evolving and subject to change based on project updates from the USACE.

City Efforts to Collaborate with Federal Government

The City of Pico Rivera will lose critical park space, jobs, revenues, a roadway, and disrupt operations at the Sports Arena.  Although it is difficult to assign a dollar figure to the cultural significance and historic value of these regional assets, the City contracted an independent engineering firm to help quantify the overall impacts, which were calculated to be $125 million.

Given the City’s immediate proximity to the dam, the burden of these impacts falls squarely on Pico Rivera. The City of Pico Rivera cannot endure the impacts of this Project without federal, state, regional and local support. In a genuine plea for help, the City is requesting an initial $50 million from the federal government to strategically address and mitigate impacts that directly correspond with the Whittier Narrows Dam Project. The City has identified a portfolio of projects and programs that offer a meaningful and substantive approach to establish a healthy ecosystem that protects from floods, ensures safe drinking water, replaces the loss of parks and open space, restores natural habitats, enables new and long-lasting economic activity, and promotes a wholesome quality of life in the region. This includes:

  • $10 million in seed funding to develop and help implement a comprehensive master plan that emphasizes community, economic and natural revitalization of the Rio Hondo and the San Gabriel River in the City of Pico Rivera. 

  • $25 million to help build and upgrade local water treatment facilities that will adequately abate contamination and ensure safe drinking water for the sub-region.

  • $15 million to formally plan and implement the foundational infrastructure to accommodate smart and vibrant growth along three regionally-significant commercial corridors in the City – Washington Boulevard, Rosemead Boulevard and Whittier Boulevard

The City is confident that by working together, we can realistically address the many concerns and issues outlined here while simultaneously putting this part of the region on a path to thrive long-term.

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