Disclaimer: Information about the Whittier Narrows Dam Safety Modification Project is constantly evolving and subject to change based on project updates from the USACE.

Bicentennial Park was constructed in 1978 as part of the Sports Arena project as a campground for recreational vehicles to complement the equestrian facilities. However, the campground was closed in 1998. 

The Pico Rivera Sports Arena is a 6,000-seat rodeo arena and is the largest equestrian stadium in the country dedicated to Mexican-style rodeos (charreadas). It also serves as a concert venue for numerous prominent Latin recording artists with wide international recognition.

Together, Bicentennial Park & the Sports Arena make up approximately 94-acres of park space designed for passive and active recreational activities while servicing as a watershed and stormwater management facility. The grounds will be impacted in the following ways:

  • Beginning January 15, 2022

    Bicentennial Park will be closed intermittently for soil testing, contractor site visits and other project-related activities by the USACE.

  • October 2022

    Bicentennial Park and Sports Arena Drive / Rooks Road will be closed indefinitely and unavailable for public use. The loss of this primary access point to the Sports Arena will impact operations as an entertainment venue. The full extent of impacts is currently unknown.

Based on the proximity to the neighboring unincorporated community of Los Angeles County, the City of Pico Rivera is engaging the Los Angeles County Departments of Fire, Public Works, Parks & Recreation and the Sheriff’s to assess the impacts. The City is also engaging Metro and Caltrans to help evaluate traffic impacts in the area. The future use of this entire area is still being discussed and negotiated between the City of Pico Rivera and the USACE.

Impacted Areas

Sports Arena Drive, Rooks Road, Bicentennial Park & the Sports Arena

Project Map – Bicentennial Park & Pico Rivera Sports Arena Overlap